Fried melon seeds

Food Material List

  • 1 Raw melon seeds About 200 g

Operational steps

  • 1 Put raw melon seeds in a glass bowl for microwave oven.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 2 Put the glass bowl in the microwave oven.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 3 With the microwave oven default program, to the appropriate time, I usually choose two minutes first.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 4 After turning for two minutes, I took it out and turned it over. I lifted it up with both hands and pinched it.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 5 Put it back in the microwave oven and continue to rotate. This time is a little shorter than before.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 6 Take it out, turn it over, twist one and taste it.
    Fried melon seeds
  • 7 Repeat the above 2-6 process until the melon seeds reach the level you want to eat.


1. Be sure to use special containers for microwave ovens, preferably glass ones.
2. The first time can be chosen a little longer, which depends on the amount of raw melon seeds. The latter time is shorter than the next time, otherwise it is easy to stir-fry.
3. Often take it out, turn it over and taste it. The degree of ripeness depends on your preferences.
4. After twice heating, melon seeds will become very hot. When turning, be careful to iron your hands. Turn them over with chopsticks or spoons, or lift them with two hands.

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