Fried New Year Cake with Shepherds Buckwheat

The homonym of New Years Cake and “Every year is high” implies that life is getting better every year. Since rice matures once a year, eating New Years Cake on New Years Day means congratulating the grain industry. In our southern shepherds purse stir-fried rice cake, the more want to eat, but also a famous snack, the fragrance of Qilai, the delicious winter bamboo shoots, the Q glutinous rice cake, in the cold winter, and a bowl of Shaoxing hot old wine, that is really the gods life.

Food Material List

  • 1 Rice cake Three roots
  • 2 Shepherds purse Semi-plastic Drainage Basgt
  • 3 Winter bamboo shoots Half plant
  • 4 fresh mushroom 4 only
  • 5 salt Appropriate amount
  • 6 Yellow Wine 2 tablespoons

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the shepherds purse from the roots, rinse it with water, squeeze it dry, and chop it for later use.
    Fried New Year
  • 2 Bamboo shoots and mushrooms were also washed and boiled and cut into dices.
    Fried New Year
  • 3 The rice cake is sliced.
    Fried New Year
  • 4 Oil the hot pot, first put in the winter bamboo shoots, fried mushrooms for a while, then put in shepherds purse and a little salt, stir-fry and cook, then out of the pot.
    Fried New Year
  • 5 Put oil in another hot pot, add rice cakes and cooking wine, stir-fry until rice cakes Microsoft.
    Fried New Year
  • 6 Stir-fry the bamboo shoots and diced shepherds purse, add salt and MSG.
    Fried New Year

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