Fried onion rings

Speaking of Pizza Hut, my favorite snack is the fried onion ring. I remember going to Beijing for business in the past nine years. When I first met Pizza Hut, I always ordered fried onion rings, which was fragrant, crisp and delicious. Until now, I still remember it so deeply. Nowadays, many delicacies love to try DIY at home, which not only adds to the interest of life, but also saves a lot of money. Especially when they are not close to the outside world or better, they have a great sense of accomplishment. That happiness can not be expressed in words, which is also a great pleasure of life. Golden crispy fried onion rings are popular among people, but how to make delicious crispy fried onion rings? Here are a few tips to share with you: Choose the ingredients: white onion, because it tastes light and suitable for frying; purple onion, which tastes heavier; remove the film: break the onion ring to remove the inner membrane of the onion, so that it is easier to hang in paste operation; soak: the prepared onion ring should be put in cold water. Soak to remove the pungency of onions; mix; use beer to make the onion rings more fluffy; hang paste: before hanging paste, turn around the flour, the onion rings coated with flour are not easy to fall off when hanging paste and frying; when you make such a large plate of onion rings at home, the cost is only five yuan. If youre in a restaurant, its not worth more than a dozen yuan. Its cost-effective, and its not as bad as a restaurant, dear. Do you know how to choose?

Food Material List

  • 1 White Onions 1
  • 2 flour 30g
  • 3 starch 30g
  • 4 Egg 1
  • 5 Beer 1 cans

Operational steps

  • 1 First, cut the onion into an onion ring about one centimeter.
    Fried onion rings
  • 2 Open the onions one by one, and the large and small onion rings will be ready; then remove the film inside the onion, easy to hang paste;
    Fried onion rings
  • 3 Soak onions in cold water to reduce the pungency of onions.
    Fried onion rings
  • 4 Then according to beer: flour: starch: eggs 5:3:3:2 to make a paste, add salt and pepper in the paste, mix evenly;
    Fried onion rings
  • 5 Turn the onion around the dry flour to make it stick to the flour.
    Fried onion rings
  • 6 Then put the onion rings in the prepared egg paste and hang them.
    Fried onion rings
  • 7 Put it in a 70% hot oil pan and fry until golden.
    Fried onion rings
  • 8 Remove it and put it on kitchen paper towels to absorb oil. Place it on a tray.
    Fried onion rings


1. The inner lining of onion rings should be torn off and pasted easily; < br > 2. The prepared onion rings should be soaked in cold water to reduce the pungency of onions; < br > 3. The proportion of pasting is very important. It should be made according to beer: flour: starch: eggs: 5:3:3:2; < br > 4. Dip onion rings before pasting, then paste them, so that they will not fall off easily when fried. 。

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