Fried Poached Eggs with Chilli

Food Material List

  • 1 Green pepper 2
  • 2 Chili pepper 2
  • 3 Egg 3
  • 4 Ginger slices 3 tablets
  • 5 Garlic 5 valves

Operational steps

  • 1 First prepare chilli slices, ginger slices, garlic peeled with a knife, three eggs.
    Fried Poached Eggs
  • 2 First heat the pan and fry the fried eggs.
    Fried Poached Eggs
  • 3 Cut the fried eggs into pieces, add oil, saute ginger, garlic, stir-fry pepper, add seasoning salt, sugar, chicken powder, vinegar, soy sauce, add the cut fried eggs in about two minutes, add the seasoning wine in about 30 seconds, then you can go out of the pot.
    Fried Poached Eggs

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