Fried rice rice cake (sticky head)

Mother went to the market to buy a bag of “sticky millet noodles”, that is, small yellow rice noodles. ~Say to be my favorite “sticky nests and nests” when I was young. Of course, the New Years Festival will have the delicacy of childhood memory to make the flavor of the New Year stewed more intense. ~Because I like to eat fried goods, so when the sticky nests and nests come out of the pot, I cant wait. Cut and fried ~ ~ The unexpected delicacy ~ ~Is it the private dish of Golden Fisherman ~ ~Now lets share this delicacy with you ~ ~Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey~~

Food Material List

  • 1 Red dates Appropriate amount
  • 2 Small yellow rice noodles 500g
  • 3 White granulated sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash the jujube and boil it thoroughly with proper amount of water. (Note: Dont empty the water for later use.)
  • 2 Boiled jujube is chilled, crushed, nucleated and added with appropriate amount of sugar. (According to personal taste.)
  • 3 Add the millet noodles into the kneaded jujube, use boiled jujube water and noodles, knead well, water should be added according to the amount of flour, do not add enough at one time, slowly add edges and.
  • 4 Divide the dough into equal quantities. Knead it into a nest or other shape. Make it smaller if you want to eat the nest. Make it bigger if you want to make it into slices and fry it.
  • 5 Go to the steamer, pay attention!! To do anti-sticking measures, or it will be awkward when you come out of the pot. (My home is covered with clean wet gauze on the grate to prevent sticking.)
  • 6 Set the cold water pot on the fire, turn the big fire to the small one for 30 minutes, and the big nest lasts a little longer.
  • 7 Put the nest in a plate with cold water and it wont stick to the plate for a while. After the nest is not so hot and sticky, slice it with a knife. During this period, you can prepare the oil pan, boil the oil while opening the fire, and cut the nest.
  • 8 When the frying pan is 7 or 8, fry the head of the wok until golden brown. (The frying pan should not be too hot. Be careful to fry the coke.)
    Fried rice rice


Enjoy the delicious ~

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