Night snack

Fried rice with big face cat

Food Material List

  • 1 Cooked rice Bowl
  • 2 Carrot Few
  • 3 Corn sausage Few
  • 4 Broccoli Few
  • 5 Scallion Few
  • 6 Egg One

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the ingredients. Wash and dice the roots of carrots, corn sausages and broccoli. Clean the broccoli flowers twice and soak them in dilute salt water.
    Fried rice with
  • 2 Cool oil in a hot rice pan and stir-fry over a low heat.
    Fried rice with
  • 3 Stir-fry the rice until it is heated through, then put part into the mould and compact it with a spoon.
    Fried rice with
  • 4 Add carrot, broccoli, broccoli and corn sausage in order, stir-fry evenly.
    Fried rice with
  • 5 Beat in the eggs and stir-fry until the egg juice has condensed.
    Fried rice with
  • 6 Cut the scallions and stir-fry them in a pan. Add a little salt and chicken essence. Stir well. Turn off the fire.
    Fried rice with
  • 7 Cut out the eyes, nose, mouth and beard of the cat with laver and stick them carefully to the cats face.
    Fried rice with
  • 8 Place the fried rice on a plate and put broccoli out of the fence. Fried rice with big face cat is ready!
    Fried rice with
  • 9 Finished products.
    Fried rice with

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