Cold Dishes

Fried rice with golden eggs

Food Material List

  • 1 onion 150g
  • 2 Carrot 150g
  • 3 Egg 4
  • 4 Overnight rice 500g
  • 5 green pepper 1 only
  • 6 Red pepper 1 only
  • 7 Sausage 50g
  • 8 Shrimp meat 50g
  • 9 Shallot 50g

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut all materials in reserve
    Fried rice with
  • 2 Separate egg yolk and egg white, mix egg yolk with rice overnight and add a little salt, oil and protein to mix.
    Fried rice with
  • 3 First stir-fry the vegetables, then cook them and serve them in reserve. Stir-fry the rice together after the protein solidification, stir-fry the rice one by one, then stir-fry the shepherds purse together, add the vegetables into the salt, curry rice after discoloration, add the chicken to turn off the fire before leaving the pot, stir-fry the rice again depending on the heat of the pot, load the dish, come out of the pot!
    Fried rice with

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