Fried Rice with Miscellaneous Bacon Eggs

Food Material List

  • 1 Ye Fan 1 copies
  • 2 Romaine Lettuce 1 trees
  • 3 Broccoli 1 flower
  • 4 Chopped green onion Appropriate amount
  • 5 Bacon 2 copies
  • 6 Egg 2

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash lettuce, cut shreds, broccoli, fly water, cut small pieces, wash onions, cut small sections, and separate the onions white.

    Fried Rice with
  • 2 When the eggs are cracked, add a little sugar, salt and oil to disperse them vigorously. Add the shallot leaves and small heat to the pot. Stir-fry until the eggs are fast solidified. Turn off the heat. Stir-fry at remaining temperature and set aside.

    Fried Rice with
  • 3 Cut the bacon into small cubes, stir-fry with oil, add the raw broccoli, stir-fry and set aside.
  • 4 Stir-fry scallion in oil, stir-fry next night, stir-fry with some water until the granules are clear, add bacon, vegetables and eggs, stir-fry a few times, add raw soy sauce, salt and pepper to season.

    Fried Rice with


1> Eggs must be added with sugar. Fried eggs must be soft and delicious.
2> Fried eggs must be switched off when they are not fully solidified. Fried eggs should be cooked at remaining temperature. If they are completely solidified, it will be too late to turn off the fire. Eggs will taste very good
3> Fried with wine overnight will be more fragrant
4> Fried. The meal is usually served overnight, with less water and very fragrant fried. If there is no overnight meal and you want to eat fried rice, you can also use cooked rice instead of

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