Fried sausage!

The frequently-visited Vegetable Bowl in Zigong changed into a new cook and served a new dish, uncooked fried fat sausage. After chatting with the chef for a while, he stole the teacher from the side, which is quite different from the usual dry and hot way. Fried in one breath, especially pleasant. Today, I personally tried to fry a dish, OK? Has the final say.

Food Material List

  • 1 Intestine
  • 2 Paprika
  • 3 pickled pepper
  • 4 Chopped green onion

Operational steps

  • 1 Green and red pepper, scallion, pickled pepper, garlic, parsley
    Fried sausage!
  • 2 Change the fat sausage into knife pieces, copy the water to remove the fishy and super-cold water for reserve, and make 90% of the oil.
    Fried sausage!
  • 3 Fertilizer sausage, pepper slippery stir-fried, in turn into the young ginger, garlic edge fragrance
    Fried sausage!
  • 4 Continue to stir-fry a little red oil with crushed pickled pepper and red oil bean chips.
    Fried sausage!
  • 5 Add monosodium glutamate and stir-fry chicken essence with a little vigorous fire. Stir-fry the green and red pepper and parsley, then stir-fry and stir-fry.
    Fried sausage!
  • 6 Main Points: Boiling water with fat intestines and burning oil
    Fried sausage!
  • 7 complete
    Fried sausage!


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