Fried sesame

It is said that the babys hair will be black if he eats sesame with a big stomach. After searching the Internet today, I hope that the dumpling dumpling he meets in 20 days will have black hair and hold his feet temporarily.

Food Material List

  • 1 Raw black sesame at will

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse raw sesame seeds in a small hole basket and drain for five minutes.
    Fried sesame
  • 2 Drain and put into a non-stick pan, stir well and ignite.
    Fried sesame
  • 3 The wet sesame seeds will emit a lot of steam when heated over medium heat, which will evaporate water slowly. For about a few minutes, you can feel it dry with your hands. Must keep flipping
    Fried sesame
  • 4 When its almost dry, there will be a crackling sound, turn to a small stir-fry, and when the sound becomes smaller, its almost all right. Grab a few grains to try the taste, and you can come out if you think its appropriate.
    Fried sesame


pan + wooden shovel

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