Fried Shrimps in Hot and Spicy Sauce

Food Material List

  • 1 shrimp A Jin
  • 2 sweet potato Half

Operational steps

  • 1 Ready for use
    Fried Shrimps in
  • 2 Cut sweet potatoes into slices and steam for 5 minutes.
    Fried Shrimps in
  • 3 Add some oil and add garlic, pepper, Chaotian pepper and scallion fragrance when cooked.
    Fried Shrimps in
  • 4 According to their own taste, add bean paste, stir-fry a little and then add cooked shrimp (raw shrimp, then shrimp ingredients), add cooking wine, oil consumption, very delicious taste, sugar, salt, etc. stir-fry.
    Fried Shrimps in
  • 5 Put a little coriander into the pot and let it out.
    Fried Shrimps in


Put in bean paste, spicy powder and pepper according to your personal preferences. If you cant eat spicy childrens shoes, dont put spicy powder. Put less pepper, because the spicy taste of Chaotian pepper is enough. If raw shrimp is cooked in oil and then fried with wine, but it should not be too long, slightly discolored can be added to the follow-up seasoning, because this time I use cooked shrimp operation, so the order and raw shrimp slightly different.

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