Fried shrimps with asparagus

Spring is the season for eating asparagus, so I went to buy shrimps and made this asparagus fried shrimps. Actually, it should be fried Asparagus with shrimps. It feels like shrimps are more than asparagus. Boredom to pass the time by cooking ()

Food Material List

  • 1 asparagus
  • 2 Shrimp meat

Operational steps

  • 1 I bought fresh shrimps that had been peeled, so I omitted the steps of peeling. Marinate shrimps with sauce (forgive me for not having rice wine), ginger and soy sauce for a while
  • 2 We can cut the asparagus into segments, remove the old roots and simmer it a little while while we are pickling the shrimps.
  • 3 Hot pot, pour oil, put garlic frying pan, asparagus and salt. I like the slightly wrinkled taste of the epidermis, but Comrades Su almost come out of the pot!
  • 4 Lets cook shrimps separately. It tastes rich in layers. (Okay, I admit Im making up a lie. Im just afraid theyll mix me up.)
  • 5 Put a little oil (because the asparagus is not brushed at all), stir-fry shrimps, pour in drinks (because drinks are too sweet, I dont put sugar here), put a little soy sauce, put a little spicy powder (because I dont have spicy wine, so the spicy powder will go to taste), add a little salt to the heavy taste, the light taste is almost the same. Just bring it out and pour it on the set of Asparagus
  • 6 Thats all right. Splendid asparagus fried shrimps! Taste is relatively light, the pursuit of the food itself is sweet, asparagus is very refreshing, shrimp is very fresh Q, very successful! But I always feel like Im missing a step. Forgive me. This was done three days ago. I cant remember clearly. And finally, I would like to ask your guest officers to forgive me again for saying this. I havent spoken for a long time, so Im very excited now. Remember to give high praise Yo-Yo
    Fried shrimps with

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