Fried small yellow croaker

Food Material List

  • 1 Small yellow croaker A Jin

Operational steps

  • 1 Small yellow croaker please stall owner kill well, go viscera. Rinse and drain it at home.
  • 2 Put the small yellow croaker in a bowl, add proper salt, a little soy sauce, a little sugar, proper monosodium glutamate, wine, scallion, ginger slices and marinate for two hours (turn once or twice in the middle to make it taste even).
  • 3 Take another clean bowl, pour in appropriate amount of starch, take out the cured small yellow croaker, and dip them all over the body evenly with starch for use.
  • 4 Heat the pan over heat and pour in some oil (more than usual).
  • 5 Oil heat (about medium well(ripening degree 70%)) is changed to medium heat, and small yellow croaker is added one by one, usually in the form of two or three fries at a time.
  • 6 Turn over and fry both sides into golden yellow.
  • 7 Repeat 2 and 3, fry all the small yellow croakers, and put them in a basin.


1. Fried small yellow croaker, oil temperature control is very important. If the oil temperature is not enough, starch is easy to fall off. On the one hand, it makes the oil turbid, but also makes the surface of small yellow croaker lose its crisp taste. If the oil temperature is too high, the small yellow croaker will be fried to scorch. Therefore, the oil temperature should be controlled in the hot oil without smoking.
2. Do not put too much oil in the family, because some starch will inevitably fall off when frying small yellow croaker, making the oil impurities, it is best not to reuse. Therefore, it is generally advisable to fry 23 pieces of oil. After frying, the oil should be disposed of.
3. The fried small yellow croaker is golden in appearance, crisp in appearance and delicious in taste.
4. Wenwen likes small yellow croaker very much. She likes steamed and fried croakers. Yesterday, I made a steamed small yellow croaker. After steaming, I had a sudden idea and poured some steamed soy sauce oil. The result was that the taste was totally different from before. It was very rich and delicious.
5. The quality of cooking, raw materials play a decisive role, so when buying small yellow croaker, we must see whether it is fresh. Size is also important, because it determines the size of the price, but I think freshness is more important. Sometimes I prefer smaller ones to fresher ones.
6. How to judge whether the small yellow croaker is fresh? Whether its cheeks are bright red, whether its body is bright and complete, whether its eyes are protruding, and whether its body is hard by four pinches

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