Night snack

Fruit dumplings – fresh fruit flavor

Eat dumplings!

Food Material List

  • 1 glutinous rice flour 200g
  • 2 hot water 120g-150g
  • 3 White granulated sugar (can not be put away) 30g
  • 4 Kiwifruit 1
  • 5 Citrus Shatangju 2
  • 6 Pitaya 1 pieces
  • 7 Cherry 5

Operational steps

  • 1 First boil a pot of boiling water, spare! Put the milled glutinous rice flour into the basin and pour hot water into it.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 2 After stirring with a silica gel stirring rod into a large cotton flocculent, knead the dough into a non-sticky hand, and feel the dough soft.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 3 Divide the kneaded dough into small doses of about 5 grams each. Knead the dough round and set aside.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 4 Boil water in the pot, then put a few grains of salt (to prevent glutinous dumplings from sticking).
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 5 Put the dumplings in the soup pot and boil over high heat.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 6 When the dumplings are all floating on the water, the dumplings will be cooked! Turn off the fire!
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 7 While cooking dumplings, we first prepare our favorite fruits.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 8 Families who like sweet food can put a spoonful of sugar at the bottom of the bowl and then put the dumplings into the bowl.
    Fruit dumplings -
  • 9 Put the fruit on the dumplings and pour a large spoonful of the original soup of the dumplings. Stir the dumplings and fruits while eating. The mouth is full of fruit flavor.
    Fruit dumplings -

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