Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar DIY

Food Material List

  • 1 Pumpkin seeds Appropriate amount
  • 2 Walnut kernel Appropriate amount
  • 3 White sesame Appropriate amount
  • 4 Peeless peanut Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Stir-fry white sesame seeds in turn without oil and light fire.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 2 Peeless peanuts (slightly crushed);
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 3 Pumpkin seeds;
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 4 Walnut kernels (slightly crushed);
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 5 Then mix all the stir-fried materials evenly and put them in reserve.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 6 Pour sugar into the pot, add about 2 teaspoons fruit juice, stir-fry over low heat.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 7 Pour the fried nuts in 2-3 times, stir them quickly and evenly (open a small fire).
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 8 Pour it on tin paper while its hot, smoothen it slightly and wrap it around (carefully hot, fast);
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 9 Roll flat and compact with rolling pin.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 10 The knife is dipped in water and cut to the desired size.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar
  • 11 If it feels like its not moving, wrap it up and put it on the top of the stove which still has the residual temperature for a while.
    Fruit-flavored Nut Sugar


Bad, sneaky-looking nuts should be picked out as far as possible to avoid affecting the taste of the finished product;
2.When frying nuts and sugar, attention should be paid to stir-frying in a small fire to prevent pasting pan;
3.When frying sugar juice, the juice added (preferably pure fruit juice) can also be changed into milk;
4. Sugar juice evenly wraps each nut; < br > _When the pot is shaped, the speed is faster, otherwise it will form a bunch before it is formed; < br > _When it is finished, it is better to keep it in a sealed glass bottle, and the refrigeratory will taste better after refrigeration.

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