Ginger and kidney beans

Zijiang, or the adolescence of ginger, is the tender bud of newly unearthed ginger, and the ginger we usually use as seasoning is dried and dried after ripening, such as beautys twilight. Zijiang, also known as tender ginger, has a pale yellow color and beautiful purple-red part of its branches. It looks like a shy baby with a small red face. Its youth is aggressive. Zijiang, there is that kind of short fat yellow baby fat, there are long and slender as onions cut like soft felt. The most important thing is tender, thin skin, tender meat, like jade fingers, color like warm jade, compared with the old ginger, the taste is crisp, not so strong spicy, but also a little more sweet, so it is especially suitable for pickled pickles, pickles, can also be directly cut and fried. Young ginger always grows into old ginger and eats some wild things when it is tender. Zingiber has the unique pungent taste of ginger, but it is crisp, tender and watery. It is a very popular vegetable in Sichuan. It can cook directly, such as fried shredded meat, roasted duck, chicken and so on. Without ginger, the situation will change. Zijiang is an indispensable member of Sichuan pickles, and is one of the secret weapons to make a jar of pickles more fragrant and mellow, and other pickles more crisp and tender. I made fried kidney bean shredded with young ginger, which is middle-aged ginger. There is neither the pungent stimulation of old ginger, nor the tenderness and delicacy of young ginger. The main dish is too old, the ingredients are too tender, free from the traditional and modern, but it is just right to fry kidney bean shredded, the taste is appropriate. Stir-fried kidney bean shredded with young ginger tastes crisp and appetizing. As the saying goes, “The food is not delicious, eat ginger”. Stir-fried kidney bean shredded with young ginger is a green and astringent dish. It looks very light. But after adding ginger shredded, the taste will be very different. But people who are not good at eating ginger will have severe stimulation when they eat it, just like those who look small and fresh love, but will innocently hurt people the most.

Food Material List

  • 1 400 grams of kidney beans
  • 2 Zijiang 30g

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash kidney beans selectively and cut into shreds < br />.
    Ginger and kidney
  • 2 Wash ginger and cut into shreds < br />.
    Ginger and kidney
  • 3 Add oil in the pan and stir-fry ginger with shredded ginger < br />.
    Ginger and kidney
  • 4 Stir-fry kidney bean shreds < br />.
    Ginger and kidney
  • 5 Input of raw soy sauce and stir-fried sugar < br />.
    Ginger and kidney
  • 6 Stir-fry oyster oil and salt until cooked.
    Ginger and kidney


1. When sugar and oyster oil are put at the same time, sugar should be put first, then oyster oil < br > 2. Both raw pumping and oyster oil have salty taste, and salt should be put in moderation

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