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Ginseng nourishing chicken soup

Mid-Autumn Festival is National Day and Chongyang Festival, this holiday can be a good home to accompany family. Especially the parents at home, because my own parents are far away from me, so I can not go home; I have to meet them by video. When I live in Shanghai, I will return to my parents-in-laws house. In fact, I dont wait for holidays to accompany them; basically, I will go back on weekends. I also make food suitable for my elders, and often tell them to avoid eating high-sugar, greasy food. Now this season is really cool down, stew more nourishing soup to prepare elders for the coming autumn and winter. Boiler soup, also known as Laohuo soup, is a common dish in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and even mainland China. In autumn and winter, the climate is dry and the ground is wet, so people like to drink the old soup with nourishing and tonic effect. Usually, vegetable, meat or medicinal materials are boiled for hours in pressure cookers, electronic stews, steel pots or casseroles. Laohuo decoction has the effects of skin care, heart care, eyesight, bile-lowering and bone-strengthening. As for the soup materials, yam, lotus root, carrot and other materials can be used as soup materials. Different materials can achieve different results, the so-called “autumn health” because of less rain in autumn, dry weather, the human body easily delayed the occurrence of “autumn dryness” on the false fire; easy to lead to body fluid deficiency, such as less fluid deficiency, “dryness”, such as dry skin, cough. The key to prevent autumn dryness is dietary conditioning. Appropriate choices include pears, sugarcane, water chestnuts, lilies and tremella, which can moisten the lungs, clear the dryness and nourish yin and nourish the body. As for the proper medicinal materials, they also have the effect of preventing autumn dryness, so the autumn health preservation is not less than a good pot of soup. Ginseng can regulate the central nervous system, improve the excitation and inhibition process of the brain to balance, improve the ability of mental and physical work, improve work efficiency and have anti-fatigue effect. Appropriate consumption can promote the use of energy substances in the brain and improve learning and memory ability. Ginsenoside Rb1 and Rg1, the effective ingredients to enhance learning and memory ability of Ginseng, have good effects on learning and memory function. Ginseng can improve cardiac function, increase myocardial contractility, slow heart rate, increase cardiac output and coronary blood flow, and can resist myocardial ischemia and arrhythmia. Ginsenoside can accelerate lipid metabolism and significantly reduce high cholesterol. [Hypoglycemic effect] Ginseng contains ginsenoside and ginseng polysaccharide, especially ginsenoside Rb2, which has obvious hypoglycemic effect. In addition, ginseng polysaccharide is another kind of hypoglycemic component in ginseng. [Enhancing the immune function of the body] The active ingredients regulating the immune function can improve the immune function not only for the normal people but also for the people with low immune function. Ginseng polysaccharide is a kind of high molecular acid polysaccharide purified from ginseng, and it is an immunopotentiator. [Antioxidant effect] Ginseng contains a variety of antioxidants, such as ginsenosides, ginseng polyacetylenes and ginseng diol saponins. These compounds have anti-lipid peroxidation effect and are the basis of anti-aging effect. In addition to anti-aging effect, it can regulate physiological functions such as nerve, endocrine, immune function and material metabolism. Many people will say that ginseng is a hot food, not anyone can eat it; but as long as there are appropriate ingredients will not cause the so-called “hot drying” of the human body. In the soup, add some nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as Yuzhu, Huaishan and Poria cocos. [Yuzhu] was born in the shady slope of forests or mountains at an altitude of 500-3000 meters. It is widely distributed in temperate regions of Eurasia. The effects are nourishing yin and moistening lung, nourishing stomach and nourishing body fluid, relieving dry cough, exhaustion, thirst of throat, internal heat and thirst, Yin deficiency and external sensation, dizziness, muscle and vein contracture pain. Yuzhu is sweet, multi-lipid, soft and moist. It is a good medicine for nourishing yin and nourishing body fluid. Vitamin A contained in Yuzhu can improve the condition of dry and rough skin, and make it soft and lubricated to play the role of beauty and skin care. Do you think that the best way to absorb soup is to drink soup before meals or after meals? “Drink soup before meals, slim and healthy”, “Drink soup after meals, the more fat you drink”. This has a certain reason. Before eating, drinking soup is equivalent to adding lubricant to the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking soup from time to time during the meal helps dilute and stir the food, and is beneficial to the absorption and digestion of the food by the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, drink soup before eating, so that the stomach part is full, can reduce the intake of staple food, avoid excessive intake of energy. Drinking soup after meals can easily lead to overnutrition.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fresh chicken Half a
  • 2 Ginseng 16g
  • 3 Poria cocos 11g
  • 4 Yuzhu 40g
  • 5 Dried longan 10g
  • 6 Chinese wolfberry 13G
  • 7 Red dates 18g
  • 8 Yai Shan 12g

Operational steps

  • 1 Weigh the material in reserve.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 2 Wash the material.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 3 Except for ginseng, other ingredients are put into soup pots or casseroles.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 4 Put 3000ML of water into the fire and boil.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 5 While waiting for the soup to boil, soak ginseng in water for 10 minutes.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 6 Ten minutes later, gently brush ginseng several times with a clean toothbrush and rinse it out. This step is to clean up the fine sand of ginseng whiskers and ginseng bodies, because ginseng grows in the soil; although the merchants have cleaned it before selling it to the market, there will inevitably be some fine sand residues.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 7 Ginseng is washed and rinsed, then it can be put into soup and stewed slowly.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 8 When the soup boils, it simmers over a low heat. The < br /> temperature should be controlled in small fire, but also in the state of soup boiling.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 9 After one hour of soup stewing, the chicken can be processed. Remove the head of fresh chicken and the excess fat from the tail, because the soup should be clear and original, and try not to have too much fat on the surface.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 10 It is suggested that half of the chicken should be put directly into the soup without cutting into small pieces, and the cooked soup chicken should be soft and tender without cutting. The chickens are then put into the soup and simmered for another hour.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 11 The cooked chicken soup can be seasoned with a little salt. Its very fresh without any other seasoning. I didnt put salt because I thought it tasted very fresh.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 12 Finished products. The < br /> component was drinkable by 4-5 persons and stewed for 2 hours.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 13 Finished products.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken
  • 14 Finished products.
    Ginseng nourishing chicken


[Common sense of pot soup] < br > < br > 1. The core of jujube used in pot soup must be removed, because the jujube with core is hot.
2. There is no need to add any cooking wine, ginger or onion to the soup, which will make the taste more complex.
3. Since the soup is mainly the original soup, it is recommended not to add MSG, chicken powder and other condiments; because these are chemicals to eat too much will only cause harm to the human body, such as premature white hair, hair loss, dry mouth and tongue. In fact, cooking at home is mainly away from unnecessary chemicals, so cooking at home is not recommended MSG or chicken powder.

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