Gold fried steamed buns

Silly husband bought 10 steamed buns at once! I dont eat pasta! So theres a lot left! So…

Food Material List

  • 1 Steamed buns at will
  • 2 Egg According to the number of steamed buns

Operational steps

  • 1 First upload so I forgot to take photos of the previous steps! Step one! Steamed bread slices are best three slices. Not thin, not thick! Its too thin to burn, too thick to fry. Then beat the eggs evenly with a little raw powder (starch) and pay attention to adding it slowly without knots! Then add salt.
    Gold fried steamed
  • 2 Heat the pan in oil to 80%. Keep the fire small and medium. Prepare a plate and add some cold water to cover the bottom of the plate. Both sides of steamed bread are wet and cold! Just wet the surface with a dip! The purpose of dipping in cold water is that the steamed bread will be very soft after frying, and will not absorb oil and save oil. After dipping in cold water, soak in eggs and then put in oil pan! Deep-fry until golden!
  • 3 Finished products!! Soft and delicious! Like bread!! Very fragrant and fragrant!! You see! There is no oil in the steamed bread!
    Gold fried steamed

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