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Gramsci Fast Wave Stove: Cumin Skewer without Oil Smoke

Want to eat mutton kebab feel too heavy, made this small fresh cumin chicken, microwave oven roast meat, do not need to add a drop of oil, can still make fragrant roast chicken. The best way to lose weight is to have a greedy mouth without oil and low fat.

Food Material List

  • 1 Chicken breast (chicken leg) 200g
  • 2 Cumin powder 1 scoops
  • 3 Soy sauce 1 scoops
  • 4 Spicy Barbecue Seasoning 1/2 spoon
  • 5 salt 1 scoops
  • 6 seed powder of Chinese prickly ash 1g
  • 7 green pepper 1/2
  • 8 onion 15g

Operational steps

  • 1 Clean chicken breast with knife back pat loose and then cut small dice, the size of the more 1.5 cm cubes can be. Its too big to cook and tasteless.
    Gramsci Fast Wave
  • 2 Put pepper powder, salt, raw soy sauce, chili powder and cumin powder together, cover with fresh-keeping film and refrigerate for 4 hours.
    Gramsci Fast Wave
  • 3 Green peppers and onions are also washed and cut into pieces about the size of chicken cubes.
    Gramsci Fast Wave
  • 4 Take out the chilled chicken and string it with a bamboo stick in the order of a piece of chicken, a piece of green pepper, a piece of chicken and an onion.
    Gramsci Fast Wave
  • 5 After stringing, choose the barbecue function, and then choose the weight of 200 g. This fast wave oven will set the time according to different weights. It is very considerate and small function, so that you can easily make strings at home. Just press the startup button.
    Gramsci Fast Wave
  • 6 It takes one or tow centimeters to bake, during which you can do other things. Fast-wave oven is very considerate, after baking, it will emit prompt sound drop by drop. Out of the oven, change a plate, take a beautiful picture, taste no less than the barbecue shop oh! No lampblack, you can easily eat barbecue at home in summer.
    Gramsci Fast Wave

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