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Green pepper beef fried rice

I think this fried rice is really delicious. I keep a bag of beef flour in my refrigerator all the time. When I really dont know what to eat, or when there is leftovers that are not easy to solve, I will cook this fried rice. Of course, I will fry a lot. I think fried rice is very delicious. This is a better method in beef fried rice. It is worth trying.

Food Material List

  • 1 Beef mince See and lig
  • 2 Cold rice Bowl
  • 3 green pepper 1 roots
  • 4 garlic 3-5 pieces

Operational steps

  • 1 Beef chopped, fat and thin. The vegetable market is well chopped and can be bought directly.
    Green pepper beef
  • 2 Put a little oil in the pan, first add the garlic slices, stir-fry the garlic slices until golden yellow, then fish them out.
    Green pepper beef
  • 3 Pour the beef in the oil and stir-fry until cooked.
    Green pepper beef
  • 4 Pour the cold rice in and press it slowly with a spade.
    Green pepper beef
  • 5 Stir-fry evenly, then pour in the green pepper powder, then pour in the garlic slices, add proper salt and chicken essence, stir-fry evenly, about 3 minutes.
    Green pepper beef
  • 6 After frying, you can eat it in the pan. Its delicious without suspense.
    Green pepper beef

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