Green Pepper Fried Soft whistle

Its a good meal.

Food Material List

  • 1 Streaky pork 500g
  • 2 green pepper 4

Operational steps

  • 1 1. Wash and dice the pork, put it in the pot, add ten peppers and a piece of ginger, add a little sauce to the flesh when it is white, boil it over a small fire, and wait for the oil of the pork to boil out, then set aside. 2. Pour in the vegetable oil, add green pepper, tomatoes, ginger slices, garlic, some raw soy sauce, a little sugar and stir-fry for five minutes when the oil is warm. Pour the soft whistle into the pot and stir-fry a few times with scallions. Be careful not to stir-fry green pepper too dead, otherwise it will affect the beauty and taste.
    Green Pepper Fried

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