Ground gas – sweet and sour potato flower

Its common on the street to buy about 20 quick bucks every time you go to eat. I was sprayed by my dad and later studied at home, and I succeeded in doing it _____________.

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato Three to four
  • 2 Folded ear root
  • 3 A turnip
  • 4 Ham sausage (selection)

Operational steps

  • 1 Peel potatoes and cut them with a flower knife. Soak them in water and starch them. This will make the potatoes taste better.~
    Ground gas -
  • 2 Cut the ham sausage into small segments. Slices taste better than slices!
    Ground gas -
  • 3 Wash and cut the ear root into small particles.
    Ground gas -
  • 4 Pour oil into the pan and boil it. Then turn off the fire and let the oil cool.
  • 5 Bighead is bought outside. There are small head vegetables that have been chopped. It can be done three times if you weigh a quick sum of money.~
  • 6 Chop the millet hot. (Selection of this step)
  • 7 When the oil temperature drops, fire again and put in the ham sausage. Must put ham sausage first!!!!!!!
    Ground gas -
  • 8 When the ham sausage is fried to the surface and wrinkles slightly, it looks a little crisp and crisp. Then you can put the potato flowers in it and drip as much water as possible. Put it in the pan and stir it with a spoon. About 3-5 minutes. If youre not sure, try using toothpicks. Frying time is shorter if you like the crisp taste, and two minutes more if you like the soft and waxy taste.
    Ground gas -
  • 9 While frying, the other side begins to season: a large pot with salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar (more) vinegar 3-5 spoons, ear folding, and turnip. Add fried potatoes and mix well. Ok ~Grey grounding air!!! Im a fanatical follower of street rolls. ~Aha ha ha
    Ground gas -


Folding ears, turnip is the essence of this dish! Necessary!

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