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Happy Spring Moon – Cranberry and Almond Mexican Bread

Today, I continue to make friends with Mexican bread. Under the sweet Mexican sauce, I luxuriantly bury a layer of broken almonds and cranberries, sweet and sour, crispy. The delicious pulp always gives people more satisfaction. When you pick up the bun, it feels like a full moon. Even the concave and convex feeling of the lunar surface. Moon appreciation does not necessarily mean Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon appreciation does not necessarily mean eating moon cakes. Occasionally, when you are hungry late at night, it is also excellent to have a bread to see the moon. Recently, the weather in Zhuhai is clear, after the fifteenth lunar calendar, the Qingming has passed again. After the full moon, the time for the moon to rise is getting later and later, and gradually “thin” up. Tonight, I went out for a run, a waning convex moon, perhaps influenced by the red moon eclipse of the previous two days, the moon shines slightly purple copper and rises clearly. Behind the flowering branches, rising on the dark top of the mountain… Often so easily touched by the natural scene, there will be a sense of instant happiness.

Food Material List

  • 1 Strong flour 250g
  • 2 Dry yeast 4G
  • 3 salt 3.5g
  • 4 sugar 35g
  • 5 Egg 1
  • 6 water 118g
  • 7 butter 25g
  • 8 Surface-almond crushing 25g
  • 9 Surface – dried cranberries 25g
  • 10 Mexican sauce-butter 25g
  • 11 Mexican Sauce-Sugar Powder 25g
  • 12 Mexican Sauce-Eggs 25g
  • 13 Mexican sauce – low gluten flour 25g

Operational steps

  • 1 High gluten flour, dry yeast, sugar, eggs and water are fully mixed into gluten and have a certain expansion.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 2 Add in butter and salt and continue kneading until the gluten is fully expanded to pull out a good film.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 3 Put the dough round, pinch the mouth tightly and put it in a basin, cover it with fresh-keeping film and ferment with wet cloth.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 4 Fermentation to twice the size, take out the exhaust gas, split
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 5 Divide into 55 g or so, round and cover with wet cloth for 10 minutes.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 6 If there is no ready-made broken almonds, put them in the oven at 150 degrees for about 8 minutes, bake them fragrantly and crisply, then cut them into pieces.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 7 Chop the dried cranberries and mix well with the almonds.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 8 Spray proper amount of water on the dough surface, hold the receptacle at the bottom of the dough, and coat the dough surface with fruit crumbs.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 9 Put in a baking tray, cover it with a fresh-keeping film and a wet cloth, and ferment again to twice the size.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 10 During fermentation, Mexican sauce is made by mixing room-temperature softened butter with sugar powder until it is white.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 11 Pour the egg mixture twice and beat evenly.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 12 Finally, sift in low gluten flour and stir it evenly with a scraper.
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 13 Fill in a mounting bag for reserve
    Happy Spring Moon
  • 14 Remove and squeeze in the Mexican sauce. Preheat the oven at 210 degrees and bake at 180 degrees for 12-15 minutes.
    Happy Spring Moon

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