Hawthorn Luoshenhua Tea

In fact, the main ingredient of this new product is black plum, but hawthorn and Luoshenhua are absolutely indispensable. Sour plum soup is often an indispensable drink in summer, but in winter, this drink is also appropriate. Hawthorn promotes blood circulation and removes blood stasis, helps digestion, and exercises in winter are not good for digestion, which is a good helper for digestion. Luoshenhua beauty relieves fatigue, winter cold sleepiness, do not have to worry about it! Beautiful eyebrows can try!

Food Material List

  • 1 Dark plum 37G
  • 2 Hawthorn preserved fruit 25g-30g
  • 3 Dry Hawthorn 15g
  • 4 Luoshenhua 8g
  • 5 Preserved plum 5

Operational steps

  • 1 Family Welfare~
    Hawthorn Luoshenhua Tea
  • 2 Cut the plum and put it in a small pot with other ingredients. Add about 1000ml to 1500ml of water. Boil it over a big fire and simmer it for 15 to 30 minutes (I dont have a small pot, Ill boil it in a flower jar).
    Hawthorn Luoshenhua Tea
  • 3 After cooking and tasting, if its not sweet enough, add sugar. I personally think its sweet and sour.
    Hawthorn Luoshenhua Tea

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