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[Healthy Thin] Low Oil MSG Ultra Fresh Boiled River Flour

Stir-fried River flour has been seen too much on the market. Once they were too hungry to pass a breakfast shop where their pork and river meal were delicious, but MSG was put too much and unhealthy. This time I decided to cook River meal by myself, mix the ingredients by myself, and not put MSG in it. And recently, I lost weight, but my stomach is not good and I cant be hungry, so I can cook less vegetable oil, but it is still super sweet and delicious. Oh, I lost 2-3 kilograms in January.

Food Material List

  • 1 River meal 250g
  • 2 Dried mushroom 3
  • 3 Fungus Appropriate amount
  • 4 Dried shrimps 10g
  • 5 Cabbage Appropriate amount
  • 6 Sesame oil 5 droplets
  • 7 Shrimp paste Half a spoon
  • 8 salt 23 spice spoon
  • 9 soy sauce 1 tablespoon
  • 10 Sugar (fresh) 1 spice spoon
  • 11 water 300ml

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash agaric, cabbage, dried shrimp, mushrooms. (Shrimp dry dont wash too long) Tricholoma slices, agaric slices, cabbage slices about the size of agaric slices
    [Healthy Thin] Low
  • 2 First boil the river powder (using a thick stainless steel pan)
    water I use less than 300 ml (a bowl and a half of a small household porcelain bowl)
    put the river powder into the first light fire. In this way, there is time to add ingredients slowly, otherwise the river meal is boiling for too long and easy to melt away.
    [Healthy Thin] Low
  • 3 Add ingredients. First add dried shrimp and mushroom slices that are not well cooked.
    Cover and simmer for one minute. Add 5 drops of sesame oil and simmer for another minute. < br /> then add cabbage and agaric, add salt and soy sauce, stir evenly, stew for 1 minute, add shrimp sauce and sugar, stir evenly. Cook for another 3 minutes. (until the mushroom ripens and the river powder is slightly transparent and fragrant)
    [Healthy Thin] Low
  • 4 It can be served on a plate for two. Oh, there is not too much salt in it. It tastes light and feels just right. Its the delicious smell that you eat.
    [Healthy Thin] Low

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