Heart-to-heart salad

This dish has been cooked on these outings, and can be emptied every time. So todays outing is no exception to make another one. Its refreshing to have such delicious dishes in other greasy foods.

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato 2
  • 2 Asparagus 2 roots
  • 3 Romaine Lettuce Little star
  • 4 Sausage Half root
  • 5 Little Tomato 5
  • 6 Cucumber Half root
  • 7 orange Half

Operational steps

  • 1 Ready the ingredients and wash them.
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 2 Cut diced food
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 3 The potatoes are cooked. When chopsticks are clipped, they can be picked up at a clip. They are divided into two parts. The less part is made into mashed potatoes.
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 4 Cut vegetables and fruits
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 5 Beat potatoes into mud
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 6 Its mashed potatoes mixed with salad. Its delicate and smooth.
    Heart-to-heart salad
  • 7 Finally, mix it with the ingredients and its okay.
    Heart-to-heart salad


I used to mix salad directly, so water always comes out after a long time, and eventually I found out that adding mashed potatoes can change this situation.

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