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Home-cooked pork is easy to learn. Its a hundred times warmer than a warm mans.

Red-roasted meat is fat and thin, sweet and soft, the entrance is instant, a small dish can be matched with a large bowl of rice, it is a sharp tool to eat, cold in winter is even warmer in winter.

Food Material List

  • 1 Streaky pork 250g to 500g
  • 2 Teriyaki sauce 30ml
  • 3 Cooking wine 20ml
  • 4 salt 5g or less meat-based
  • 5 Crystal sugar 20 g or about 5 grains
  • 6 Scallion A short paragraph
  • 7 ginger 4 to 6 tablets
  • 8 Stew A pack of

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare the ingredients and wash the pork.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 2 Cut it into 3 to 4 centimeters pieces. Heres the water ready to boil.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 3 Blanch the meat in cold water and boil it to remove the foam. Leave the broth in reserve. Put some ginger slices into the broth to remove the fishy smell.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 4 After boiling the water, pull out the loading tray and reserve it.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 5 Stir-fry the pork in a hot pot with ginger slices and scallions.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 6 Stir-fry pork until golden brown on the surface. Stir-fry the fat. Stir-fry continuously at this time.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 7 Stir-fry the meat until golden. Pour in soy sauce and cooking wine. Stir-fry the meat and then pour the prepared broth into the pan.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 8 The broth is boiled for 40 to 50 minutes, until the broth is juiced, the meat can be taken out in 30 minutes.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 9 At last, it is finished.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 10 As for stewed meat, you can buy ready-made or you can match it yourself. My own ingredients are only sand kernels, tea fruits, wood incense, nutmeg, fennel, cinnamon, orange peel, hawthorn, these things, and they should be handled according to your own circumstances.
    Home-cooked pork is
  • 11 Then the ribbon of stewed meat bag can be checked by oneself, or you can buy ready-made stewed meat bag directly, just like, I hope you can make a rich yearly flavor.
    Home-cooked pork is

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