Home dish: fried balsam pear with shrimp

The reason why bitter bitter gourd with delicious taste and delicious bitter gourd with shrimp meat are suitable for summer eating is that it has the functions of heat dissipation, fat reduction and blood sugar lowering. Although the bitter taste of balsam pear is clear and bitter, slightly processed, it can change a lot of delicious home dishes, fried fresh shrimp is one of them.

Food Material List

  • 1 Shrimp meat 200g
  • 2 Balsam pear 300g

Operational steps

  • 1 Shrimp, balsam pear, garlic. < br /> bitter gourd cut in half, remove seeds and pulps, then slice < br /> shrimps, use cooking wine, marinate with a little salt oil for 10 minutes < br /> and set aside.
    Home dish: fried
  • 2 Boil < br /> with water, blanch balsam pear till it is broken < br /> and remove cool water to keep green < br /> drain water and reserve < br /> hot water to remove bitterness.
    Home dish: fried
  • 3 Hot pot, saute garlic, stir-fry shrimps, turn red and serve.
    Home dish: fried
  • 4 Fried shrimps
    Home dish: fried
  • 5 Stir-fry the bitter gourd until it softens.
    Home dish: fried
  • 6 Add fried shrimps
    Home dish: fried
  • 7 Finally, add salt, chicken essence, sugar, water starch, stir-fry evenly.
    Thats all.
    Home dish: fried


Momordica charantia can be salted for a while, to go to Momordica charantia, can also boil water to bitterness.
Sugar is also added to remove bitterness and refresh

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