Private dishes

—— Home Edition Red-roast Fans Make Yourself Healthier

Todays cooking is a temporary decision, so the food at home is limited! But it tastes great and is easy to make. It can be served as both food and dinner directly because there are fans in it! Today, we finished a big pot full of food. If you like, you can try it. It tastes good.

Food Material List

  • 1 Oily bean curd
  • 2 Sweet potato vermicelli
  • 3 Greens
  • 4 Garlic leaves
  • 5 Pixian bean paste
  • 6 Rapeseed oil
  • 7 salt
  • 8 Oyster sauce
  • 9 soy sauce

Operational steps

  • 1 Oil tofu slices are scalded with boiling water, washed and squeezed dry. Sweet potato fans are soaked with warm water, then drained. Green vegetables are washed and garlic leaves are cut into pieces. Hot pot oil is poured into Pixian bean paste, then red red oil is stir-fried with low heat, then poured into processed oil tofu, stir-fried with boiling water and put into vermicelle. Salt, soy sauce and oyster oil are mixed and boiled before boiling. Three minutes, then boil the vegetables and sprinkle the garlic leaves in the pot.
    —— Home Edition

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