Home Fried Potato Shredded with Green Pepper

During the internship period, the hotel must have a little stir-fry, which is economical and affordable.

Food Material List

  • 1 green pepper 1
  • 2 Big potatoes 1
  • 3 salt A few

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash green pepper and potatoes and cut them into shreds.
    Home Fried Potato
  • 2 Blanch the cut potato shreds with boiling water for the next step. It is easy to fry and cook. Rinse the hot potato shreds quickly with cold water for the sake of cooked potato shreds without noodles.
    Home Fried Potato
  • 3 First, add a small amount of oil into the hot pot, stir-fry, then add green pepper, stir-fry again, see the color of potato shredded from light yellow to golden yellow, add a small amount of salt, stir-fry and serve.
    Home Fried Potato


Eating less salt is good for your health.

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