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Homemade Chicken Rice Flower

At first, my son is going to KFC to eat this dish. I wonder if I can try it. Later, I made it by myself while groping, and it was OK. Its a little salty. Later, some lettuce leaves were laid on the chassis, and the taste was much better.

Food Material List

  • 1 Wing root 7-8

Operational steps

  • 1 Wing root boneless, and then cut into small dices, drip in a little old smoke, put in a little salt, pour in about 50 ml of raw smoke. Im on my own. Beat in the eggs, mix well and marinate for about 2 hours.
    Homemade Chicken Rice
  • 2 Put oil in the pan and pour in the oil. Put the diced chicken into the flour and mix well. When the oil is eight ripe, use bamboo chopsticks to put the chickens one by one. First, do not use chopsticks to move, and when the color of chicken turns golden, use chopsticks basket to prevent the end of the knot. < br /> fry in oil for about 5-7 minutes, darkening the color, and you can get out of the pot.
    Homemade Chicken Rice


Fried food should be eaten as little as possible, and it is still possible to improve the taste occasionally.

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