Homemade KFC KFC KFC mcdonalds fries

Food Material List

  • 1 Potato Unlimited
  • 2 salt A few

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut potatoes. Dont wash starch too wide. Soak in salt for 15 minutes.
    Homemade KFC KFC
  • 2 Dont pour the brine, boil it directly for about 3 minutes, and it wont take long to cook it.
    Homemade KFC KFC
  • 3 Cook out the pan and air it for later use
    Homemade KFC KFC
  • 4 Freeze for a while in the fridge and fry for a while. Suggest doing more at a time. Freeze when you want to eat in the fridge at any time.
    Homemade KFC KFC
  • 5 Fried until golden brown, you can get out of the frying pan.
    Homemade KFC KFC
  • 6 Finished products. Guarantee and sell a flavor. And clean and sanitary
    Homemade KFC KFC

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