Homemade milk tea

For a while, my son always felt uneasy when he fell in love with milk tea and bought it. So he started his own self-made journey, which was not an orthodox practice. But after making it, my son liked it very much. Maybe in his heart, what his mother did was always the best?! One morning, before he finished, I drank it. When he came back in the evening and wanted to drink water, he asked me Mom milk tea?

Food Material List

  • 1 Black tea Few
  • 2 milk A Jin
  • 3 Brown sugar Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Add a glass and a half of clear water to the pot, add a proper amount of black tea, boil for three or two minutes, then soak for a little longer. The amount of tea here is at your discretion, too little and no flavor, too much and too strong to boil. The color and taste of the tea are different from those of the brewed tea. Bright-tasting is not particularly strong.
    Homemade milk tea
  • 2 Boiled tea filtered under the tea ~keep the tea ~Write here suddenly found that I am tea? Clearly its milk, you can do it in reverse proportion, because the milk below me is almost twice as much as tea.
    Homemade milk tea
  • 3 Then pour the fresh milk into the pot and heat it until a little bubbles appear. Its easy to make the skin appear after a long time.
    Homemade milk tea
  • 4 Then pour the filtered black tea into the pot and add some brown sugar. Some friends will ask if white sugar is OK. Ive also added white granulated sugar to make it feel worse in color and taste than brown sugar.
    Homemade milk tea
  • 5 Well, pour it into a cup, have some snacks, and enjoy the beauty.
    Homemade milk tea

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