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Homemade miscellaneous paste noodles

When I used to live in a dormitory, a friend often cooked it for me, although its not in one place now! But I often think of it!

Food Material List

  • 1 Hand noodles 250g
  • 2 Minced meat 100g
  • 3 cucumber One root
  • 4 Garden radish One root
  • 5 Bean paste Two scoops
  • 6 dried mushroom Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 Soak the mushrooms soft and cut them into small pieces. Cucumber and carrot are shredded.
  • 2 Prepare cold, boiled water, or ice water.
  • 3 Cook noodles (add some salt, it is said noodles will be more tendon), after cooling water, put in a bowl, you can use a fork in the middle of the noodles to turn in one direction, which is better looking.
  • 4 Heat up the frying pan, stir-fry garlic powder, stir-fry the mushroom meat powder (shrimp or rice can be added), put a little chili, put bean paste, stir-fry, add a little water to boil. Because the bean paste is a little salty, I didnt put salt in it. It depends on my taste! Gouqin, slightly sticky, just turn off the fire.
  • 5 Sprinkle the meat sauce in the middle of the noodles, and code the cucumber, shredded carrots on the noodles. Make sure! Mix well when you eat! Its better to eat in summer, because noodles are refreshing because theyre too cold! The first upload of
    is not comprehensive, please forgive me! Eating is the most important thing
    Homemade miscellaneous paste

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