Homemade pepper and salt

Food Material List

  • 1 Sichuan Pepper Appropriate amount
  • 2 sesame Appropriate amount

Operational steps

  • 1 The amount of pepper according to their own needs, the best not too much, enough to eat a few times. Put the pepper in the electric cake pan and bake it. There is no water or oil in the electric cake pan.
    Homemade pepper and
  • 2 When there is a lot of green smoke, unplug the plug (our electric cake pan has no gear, even if its a fire) and put the sesame seeds. Sesame can be used as much as you like.
    Homemade pepper and
  • 3 You can compare the color of pepper before and after baking, and the color can be turned out, and then batched into powder.
    Homemade pepper and
  • 4 The size of the powder is at your own convenience. Personal habits are granular and tasty. Salt can be put in when its needed.
    Homemade pepper and
  • 5 Finally, put it in a dry, oil-free, water-free bottle.
    Homemade pepper and

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