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Homemade Yoghurt Soluble Beans-Award-winning Works of Lezhong Colorful Summer Baking Competition

There is a kind of snack called yoghurt dissolved beans, which should be familiar to families with babies, but many people have never heard of it. The baby didnt know what yogurt beans were a few months ago, but since the baby had a baby and the baby began to add supplementary food, I began to study various recipes, which was the first time I came into contact with this thing. A lot of people ask me: Does yoghurt dissolve beans do well? Um… How do you say that _____________ No, no, No. It may be super simple for others, but its super simple for white people like me. Lets put it this way. Ive been knocking with yoghurt-soluble beans for a month and tested them dozens of times. But up to now, the number of beans that can make perfect beans is not much. The ghost knows that I did a good job in the first few times, but why did I fail repeatedly when I used up starch and milk powder at the same time and changed the brand of starch and milk powder at the same time in the next production, but he just did not form, totally did not form. It was funny to secretly consciously get others to make cake-like “dissolved beans” the day before. Two days is a complete fool. From then on, he embarked on the road of no return when he died with Doudou. Change back to the original starch, not shaped; heard that some milk powder will defoam, and purchased a lot of people to make beautiful beans in the use of De Ai milk powder, still not shaped; online saw some people say that starch and protein together, but still defoam, could have made two dishes of formula can only do more than a few dishes. It also affects the taste; self-crafting formula makes the taste of the beautiful flowers harder; many people say it is necessary to beat the protein hard, but for people like me, how do you feel wet hair will turn tofu residue after it is finished? Is it the rhythm of death? Okay, no more verbosity. Now Ill share with you some of the main points I summarized after so many experiments (which may only be suitable for me==), and provide you with a reference. Ps: This video is not perfect either. Lets take a look at it.~

Food Material List

  • 1 Yogurt 70g
  • 2 corn starch 17g
  • 3 protein 7G

Operational steps

  • 1 Filter yogurt. < br /> I use self-made old yogurt. When yogurt is made, the whey in yogurt is filtered out with kitchen paper. Then I get yogurt as lump as Tuli, which can be a little wetter than this. If it is slightly wetter, it will be easier to mix with protein cream later. I usually start filtering yogurt hours in advance, but gods shouldnt bother so much.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 2 Mix yogurt, milk powder and starch well and mix well.
    It is said that some domestic milk powder has defoamer, so it is better to use imported infant milk powder. I use the Pre section of German Aitamei milk powder, so that the beans and beans made in this way can be added supplementary food when they are over half a year old and the babies who are not allergic to protein can be eaten. The best choice of starch is corn starch, which tastes better. Its better to sift, but I dont have any. In addition, my method of mixing is to mix the yoghurt part with the powder bit by bit, so it is not easy to get rid of pimples, if not mix well, it will affect the appearance and taste!
    This is the consistency after stirring.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 3 Remove the egg white from the freezer, add a few drops of lemon juice, and prepare the mounting bag. Preheat the oven 110 degrees.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 4 I think a lot of prescriptions are written to be sent at room temperature, but it is not easy to refrigerate, but once sent, it is more stable, not easy to defoam, more suitable for novices like me. In addition, lemon juice can deodorize, and is also conducive to maintaining the stability of hair protein.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 5 Dispense protein. Add fine sugar three times. The first time is to hit the fish eye blister.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 6 The second time is when you cant see the flowing egg juice. < br /> the third time is when the egg juice begins to appear lines.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 7 The protein was dispersed to the late stage of wet foaming.
    As for dry foaming (
    ). The concubines really cant do it. When I felt that there was just a stiff tip, when I turned it over, the protein frost had already caked up……………………………………….
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 8 Mix protein cream and yogurt paste quickly. < br /> This time it still feels a little defoaming. The reason may be that yogurt is too thick. If yogurt is filtered too much, it can be adjusted a little more whey.
    mixed yoghurt paste and protein cream were carried out in three steps. For the first time, one third of the protein frost is added to the yoghurt paste and stirred evenly. This step does not need to worry about defoaming until it is stirred. For the second time, half of the remaining protein frost is stirred again, so as to reduce defoaming. Finally, the mixed paste is poured into the remaining protein frost and quickly stirred evenly. Basically, mix the last two times more than ten times at a time.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 9 Fill the mounting bag.
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 10 Squeeze beans~
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble
  • 11 Put it in the middle of the oven at 110 degrees for 60 minutes.
    The oven I use is the old-fashioned Changdi 25B, 32L looks like, can not remember, the amount of square is just right, I usually squeeze two plates, placed in the middle and upper levels, 40 minutes later, the two plates are aligned, the last few minutes must be closely watched! Its possible to colour at any time. White beans are the best!
    Homemade Yoghurt Soluble

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