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Hot and Sour Fern Root Noodles

“Fern root powder” is a vermicelli food made from starch extracted from the roots of wild ferns. Because the roots of ferns are purple, so the fans become “black fans”. Pteridium fern root powder is a kind of natural wild plant with medicinal and edible homology. It is rich in iron, zinc, selenium and other trace elements, vitamins and essential amino acids.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fern root noodles 100g
  • 2 Green pepper 1
  • 3 Red pepper 1
  • 4 Scallion Appropriate amount
  • 5 Garlic 4 valves
  • 6 Crushed peanuts 20g
  • 7 salt Appropriate amount
  • 8 oil Appropriate amount
  • 9 Capsicol 1 tablespoon
  • 10 Vinegar 1 tablespoon
  • 11 soy sauce 1 tablespoon

Operational steps

  • 1 Prepare materials.
    Hot and Sour
  • 2 Fern root powder is soft with warm water; green and red peppers are obliquely cut into circles; onions are cut into sections; garlic is pressed into garlic paste.
    Hot and Sour
  • 3 Place fern root powder in a boiling water pot, boil over a large fire and turn to a small one for about 5 minutes until there is no hard core. Remove the cooked fern root powder and put it in cool boiling water. Remove it after cooling.
    Hot and Sour
  • 4 Put the garlic puree and pepper ring in a bowl. Add salt, pepper oil, vinegar and soy sauce to make a sauce.
    Hot and Sour
  • 5 Oil is put in the pot, boiled and poured into the sauce. After mixing, the sauce is poured on the fern root powder. Finally, the cooked peanuts are sprinkled on it.
    Hot and Sour

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