a dish that goes with liquor

Hot Mixed Cauliflower Root

During the season when a large number of cabbages are on the market, when the root of cabbage is still fresh and tender, do you throw it away without thinking about it? Experiments show that this stuff is edible and tastes good!

Food Material List

  • 1 Potamogeton aquatica root a plate of

Operational steps

  • 1 Leave a little stalk at the root of the water spinach, then soak it for a while and rinse it again and again. Only when there is no sediment can it be done.
  • 2 Sit in a pot and boil the water. Pour the water into the cabbage root and blanch it. Remove the filtered water.
  • 3 Put the scalded cabbage root in a deep basin, mix salt, chili powder, soy sauce and oyster sauce well, and then sprinkle with fragrant oil.


1. Hard-working can also add some ginger and garlic powder to mix together, the taste will be different, this practice is super simple, eat the fresh fragrance of the root of cabbage, chili powder to see personal preferences to add or subtract it!
2. Water spinach is the name of Changsha people, in fact, it is hollow cabbage. Not all the cabbage roots can be eaten, you should first try to pinch them with your nails. It can be very easy to determine, water sufficient, non-astringent can be used to make this dish. Otherwise, it is the old root. Although it has a lot of fibre, it will eat a lot of tendons, a stuffed tooth will not taste.

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