Household Less Oil Chicken

Although not authentic spicy chicken, can not be compared with the hotel, but the family still like to eat, so every three to five I will cook once.

Food Material List

  • 1 Nencao Chicken One

Operational steps

  • 1 Wash and drain the chicken and cut it into pieces. The smaller the chicken, the better. The rice wine was then salted for about half an hour.
    Household Less Oil
  • 2 Prepared pepper water, onion, ginger and garlic (this is my onion) chopped, put into the pot with boiled chicken oil whip fragrance, and then put in chili sauce (if dry chili and scallion, ginger and garlic fried together).
    Household Less Oil
  • 3 Drain the blood of the salted chicken (because salt will force the chicken out of the water during the salting process), fry the chicken in a pot, and then put in the yellow wine (I like more yellow wine, but to control the taste of wine when it is not edible). It depends on the amount of salt just cured. Stir-fry all the time. You can also cover the pan and simmer for a while.
    Household Less Oil
  • 4 When you start the pan, put some sugar, oyster sauce (soybean oil), vinegar (a little, so little as to be titrated), then add garlic and coriander, stir-fry well.
    Household Less Oil
  • 5 Okay, the family less oil version of spicy chicken is out of the pot.
    Household Less Oil


Must be grass chicken, tender point, chicken abdominal cavity chicken oil to cut down first boiled into oil residue, fished out to leave oil reserve.

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