How to make oil but not greasy crisp melon fried sauce?

Speaking of dry noodles, Hubei people like hot and dry noodles, Sichuan people like Duandan noodles, while the northerners are not fried sauce noodles, which is known to all the people of China. Speaking of fried sauce noodles, it is a distinctive pasta in old Beijing. It is usually made of fried sauce with vegetable code and noodles. According to the season, the cucumber, bean sprouts, green beans and leek segments will be cut or boiled well, just as you like. The most common type of sauce is pork diced fried sauce, which is fried in oil pan with HALF-FAT lean pork diced with onion, ginger, garlic and so on, with yellow sauce, covered with a small hotpot for 10 minutes. When the diced meat is muttered thoroughly by the yellow sauce and the skin is red and bright, the sauce is boiled. Then cook the noodles, remove them, pour on the sauce, mix with the food code, and mix the noodles and sauce evenly when eating, that is to say, into the sauce noodles. Last time a Taiwanese boss brought me a bottle of his native specialty, “fragrant crisp melon” (also our side of pickled cucumber, the taste will be sweeter), has not been moved there, two days ago inadvertently turned out, so I want to use it to make “crisp melon fried sauce”, usually used to hot and dry noodles, today for a change. Choose the fat and thin pork and cut it into dices, stir-fry it with cold oil until the oil is out, so that it will taste delicious and not greasy in the import; add sweet paste and soybean paste to stir-fry together, increase the flavor of soybean paste not only more fragrant, but also can regulate the color of soybean paste, not as red as full sweet paste; add appropriate amount of water; Boil the diced meat soft (of course, I have soaked crisp melon water, do not waste it); boil until seven or eight mature, add crisp melon and ginger and garlic to boil together, so that add a proper amount of vegetable to make the soy sauce not greasy, and the taste of pickled cucumber can maintain crispness, so that the taste is richer. After cooking in this way, a bowl of crisp melon fried sauce, with noodles, rice and so on are very good. In Wuhan, we bought ready-made cold noodles (all hot-dry noodles in Wuhan are cooked and eaten directly). With the cucumber in the refrigerator, this homemade delicious “crisp melon fried sauce noodles” will be finished. Is it convenient?

Food Material List

  • 1 Crisp cucumber 400g
  • 2 Streaky pork 250g
  • 3 A sweet sauce made of fermented flour 100g
  • 4 Soybean paste 100g

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut pork and crisp cucumber into small cubes. Cut onions and ginger into small pieces. Prepare sweet paste and soybean paste.
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  • 2 Pour cold oil into the hot pot and stir-fry the pork.
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  • 3 Stir-fry all the fat in the pork.
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  • 4 After stir-fried pork dices with slight scorch yellow, add sweet paste and soybean paste to stir-fry.
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  • 5 Stir-fry the fragrance and add the soup of crisp cucumber to boil together.
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  • 6 Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Add the cucumber cucumber dices.
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  • 7 Add the prepared garlic and ginger, stir-fry and cook for 10 minutes.
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  • 8 Season with appropriate amount of sugar.
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  • 9 The juice is collected and boiled in a big fire.
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  • 10 With Wuhans specialty hot and dry noodles, the taste of gray is often good yo.
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1. The cured crisp cucumber made in Taiwan (which tastes sweeter) can be directly used by the parents in supermarkets (which tastes salty); < br > 2. Its better to make fried sauce with fat and lean pork, cut into small dices, and stir-fry the oil in it first; < br > 3. Choose sweet noodle sauce and soybean sauce to mix together. Soybean sauce tastes better;
4. The juice of pickled cucumber can not be poured out, so it can be used to boil diced meat, which is more delicious;
5. White sugar is added to flavor, because sweet paste and soybean sauce are salty, do not add salt.

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