Afternoon tea

I cant think of a famous eggplant in sauce for half a day.

Food Material List

  • 1 eggplant Cut the hob pieces and slices as you lig.
  • 2 A small amount of pork Section

Operational steps

  • 1 Cut pieces of Eggplant and put them in a microwave oven for 3 minutes. This is a small skimp for eggplants that are oil-free and tasty. I just want to tell you: eggplant knows that the more oil you fry, the more delicious it will be, but our weight loss M M will not let people live? So we have to be healthy to lose weight. We cant eat oil eggplant without moving, right?! “Ding” good eggplant out, cool. Put a little oil in the pan. Wait for the hot pot, squeeze the eggplant as dry as possible, so that when the pot comes down, the eggplant has neither water nor oil, and if you want it to taste more, it will taste more! (In other words, isnt that good? Without oil absorption, the vegetable green flavor of eggplant is squeezed out with water, eggplant can not be tasted well.) After hot pot, squeeze dry water eggplant into stir-frying, color side, worry can almost be filled out.

    I cant think
  • 2 The oil in the pan can put garlic, chili and pork cutlets, stir-fry for a moment, and the color and fragrance can come out as soon as possible.

    I cant think
  • 3 Wait for the time of stir-frying, mix the soup that will put eggplant in a moment: garlic and ginger powder, oil consumption, salt, chicken essence, cooking syrup, water (add water according to the consistency of the soup you want). When the colors of pork turn golden and the fragrance spills out, pour in Eggplant and soup, mix well, hey! You can serve the dishes on a plate and start (> =)/

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  • 4 Start up (= =)/~La La La La La La La

    I cant think

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