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Invincible Wire-Drawn Old Bread Beautiful Oven

Old-fashioned bread you should be familiar with, but this is the most laced, the best Chinese old-fashioned bread oh.

Food Material List

  • 1 High gluten powder 110g (fermented head)
  • 2 Low flour 50g (fermented head)
  • 3 3G yeast (fermented head)
  • 4 125 g of water (fermented head)
  • 5 High flour (main dough) 110g
  • 6 Low flour (main dough) 50g
  • 7 Fine sugar (main dough) 50g
  • 8 Salt (main dough) 3G
  • 9 Milk powder (main dough) 15g (omitable)
  • 10 Eggs (main dough) 45g
  • 11 Water (main dough) 30g
  • 12 Butter (main dough) 35g

Operational steps

  • 1 Mix the raw material hand chopsticks in the fermentation head, cover them with a fresh-keeping film, and let them warm until they swell and fall back. The inside is honeycomb-like. This process takes about an hour and a half. If the temperature is high, it can be fermented at room temperature.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 2 The fermented starter and the material in the main dough were kneaded with afteroil until a large piece of smooth dough could be pulled out.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 3 Put it in a warm place (covered with fresh-keeping film, about 30 degrees) and ferment to 2.5 times the size. Dip a little flour with your finger and poke a hole in the dough. If the hole doesnt shrink, the dough will ferment well.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 4 Gently pat the dough surface, exhaust the gas, take out the average split into two equal parts, directly twist into about a meter long strip, and then fold in the middle.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 5 Hold the fold in one hand, hold the other end with the palm of one hand and rub two or three times inward. As shown in the figure, then put the right hand side into the left-hand fold.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 6 Put it in the mould
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 7 Put a hot water on the bottom of the baking pan and a baking net on the top. Then put the mould on the baking net. Close the oven door and change the hot water once the water has cooled down. To dough fermentation to twice the size.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old
  • 8 The oven is preheated at 180 degrees, and the upper and lower tubes of the middle or lower layers are baked for about 20 to 25 minutes. Brush a layer of melted butter immediately after baking, then demould it and put it on the rack for cooling and eating.
    Invincible Wire-Drawn Old

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