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This pastry combines sweet rose petal butter sauce and lychee skillfully, and extends its taste through roses and raspberries. The acid and strong flavor of lychee contrasts with roses and raspberries, which are wrapped under the soft and crisp skin of Macaron. The collocation of roses and lychees is known as the taste of heaven by the master. The taste of the pig is always known as the taste is very strong, not bad at all. What I want to share with you here is the way to reduce the failure: share a lot of recipes, you will often see some studentscomments, until you finally find that you have made a mistake, either the weight is not converted, or the temperature is wrong. There are always all kinds of sloppy things to screw up our works. In fact, everyone started from 0, especially family baking, no one has a foundation, can only rely on a number of detailed recipes to learn. Like this time I made this Macaron cake, the introduction of the masters book is very simple, each part is less than 100 words of introduction, the step diagram is given only a few, but also is not a particularly critical step. So before I started, I typed the recipe in the TXT document and adjusted the weight of the material in an equal proportion. Before I went into the kitchen, I copied the recipe in the book, circled the key points, and was careful not to make mistakes. Even so, one of the ingredients was mistakenly made the first time. Fortunately, the filling had little effect on the taste. The second time I did it, I paid special attention to it. So what I want to say to you is that you should read it several times before you start. Its better to copy it by hand. There are some states that are especially emphasized. You must look at more pictures to make sure you are in good condition. You should concentrate in the process of doing it.

Operational steps

  • 1 Rose Macaron: 250 grams of almond powder, 250 grams of sugar powder, 180 grams of protein, 3 grams of carmine, 250 grams of granulated sugar and 65 grams of mineral water < br /> sieve the sugar powder and almond powder, and use a rougher sieve, because the almond powder I bought is thicker, so use a rougher sieve, otherwise you will go crazy. < br /> I use the hole as thick as the screen window. The purpose of screening is to make the sugar powder and almond powder mix evenly and remove the bumps.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 2 Next, make rose butter cream: 90 grams of milk, 70 grams of egg yolk, 45 grams of sugar, 450 grams of butter, 4 grams of rose essence, 30 grams of rose syrup, 175 grams of protein frosting,
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 3 Next, combine < br /> to turn a piece of Macaron upside down, put a ring of raspberries on the outside, and then squeeze the butter sauce in the inner ring.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 4 Lay litchi and raspberry on the chart.
    I did it three times, and the pictures above and below are small. The map for this step is 6 inches. So you can swing 5 cycles, small swing 3 cycles.
    If you want to bake 6 inches round, you can use the bottom of a 6 inch movable bottom die, put it under the high temperature oil cloth, and squeeze it according to that size.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 5 Beat the yolk with sugar by hand, boil the milk and pour it into the beaten yolk.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 6 Add half the protein and mix well.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 7 Add the pigment and mix well. A good paste is actually quite dry.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 8 Pour it back into the pot, heat it to 85 degrees on low heat, then use an electric egg beater to beat it at high speed until it is cooled.
    The above is the original way, I am actually heated and stirred in small fires, until the bottom of the state begins to thicken, just to start caking, quickly leave the fire, hand pumping vigorously stir well. State in the diagram. Its very easy to stick the pan and paste when boiling, so make sure you dont stick the pan, light fire, stare at it and stir it.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 9 Then squeeze the butter sauce on the top, only squeeze the middle, the outermost plum does not need to squeeze, just cover another piece of Macaron.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 10 Decorate rose petals and bait as dew. I forgot, haha, because the whole process is really crazy. Later, it was decorated with water drops on the pigs birthday banquet.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 11 Italian Protein Frost: Protein 4, sugar 250 grams, mineral water 75 grams < br /> boil water and sugar together into syrup, boil to 118 degrees < br /> the syrup in a fine line slowly poured into the protein, whipping away the protein at a high speed.
    Note that the finished product only needs 175 grams and there will be some protein frost left. < br /> (When I did all the material divided by 4, a protein icing of protein sugar was still left, but one protein was already the lowest, and with less, I could hardly pass it off.)
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  • 12 The protein is beaten to a wet foam with an electric beater. The water and sugar are boiled together into syrup and boiled to 118 degrees.
    * Here I want to emphasize that, because the proportion of water in the masters syrup is very small, so it is very easy to burn to the temperature, must be kept at the edge of the pot, must always measure the temperature, in less than 2 or 3 minutes to burn, if burned too much, the protein will be discarded.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 13 Slowly pour the syrup into the protein in a fine line shape, whipping the protein at a high speed.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 14 Add the mayonnaise to the butter, stir it, add the protein cream, and add the rose essence and syrup to mix.
    In the evening, there is color difference. In fact, the sauce is not white.
    the amount of sauce I used 1/3, but rose syrup and rose fragrance I did not reduce, such roses taste just good. At the very beginning, I tried half the amount of stuffing, and the amount of rose syrup and rose essence used in the original had not been reduced. Maybe the essence is not enough.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 15 Mix the beaten protein with the pink almond powder paste. Place the tapestry bag in a deep cup and pour the batter into the tapestry bag. < br /> I didnt find a round mouth. I cut an extrusion in front of the mounted flower bag at about 2CM. This mouth should be bigger, otherwise the cake body will not be thicker.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 16 Here we begin to get a general idea. Looking carefully at the pattern of
    Turi, it is not particularly obvious. I have done four times about this Macaron and failed one time. The failure of < br /> this time is my fantastic prescription for reform, which belongs to self-acceptance, not to mention for the time being, mainly about the other three times.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 17 The first one was made according to the masters prescription. Protein sugar was mixed with almond paste until it was almost rigid and foamed. The paste was very thin. As a result, Macaron has no lines, but has skirt edges, such as the left figure.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 18 The second and fourth time I used my formulas of Italian protein cream Makaron. (See figure)
    In fact, if it is normal, there should be no lines, because everyone knows that all the Macarons we have seen are smooth surfaces, and if there are small ones, they can not disperse normally because the batter is not in the right state.
    But this Makaron product has lines, so I think Ive made a batter with small tucks that cant flow to a smooth surface before. Thats because the batter is thicker, so I increased the time of beating protein frost to hard foam when I did this two times. Make sure its high-speed and long-lasting. The beaten sugar is very glossy, like the butter thats beaten to 10.
    Sure enough, the macaroni batter made from beaten protein sugar can extrude the lines.
    So next time I have a chance, I will practice the masters prescription again and see if I can get out the lines.
    Ispahan Ispahan
  • 19 When the extruded batter is aired to the surface with crusts, it can be baked without sticking hands. The cake is bigger, so the airing time is slightly longer than that of ordinary Macaron. < br /> I baked at 160 degrees for 10-15 minutes, because the pigment is very easy to turn yellow after a long time, so I finally stared at the oven side, opened it from time to time, pushed it by hand, and took it out without too obvious shaking.
    Ispahan Ispahan


The main points are all written in the steps. Theres a message you dont understand.
The ingredients are the amount of the original formula.
When I was making Makaron, I only used 14 doses. It can just make a 6-inch product, that is, two 6-inch Macaron.
I used 13 for the sauce, which was just squeezed in 6 inches.
I am not an expert on Makaron, I can not be regarded as very understanding, and I can not be regarded as doing very well. Lets explore slowly.
* rose syrup is the Molin brand. As the master used, there are all kinds of online wine shops, pink cocktail, 750ML sells for 75 yuan or so,
* rose essence is bought separately on the Internet, 20 yuan a small bottle, and the product is packed separately.
* The raspberries I bought in Jenny Road are frozen. There are two kinds when I buy them. One is whole, the other is broken, and the other is whole. If you have fresh, its better.
* I use fresh lychees, peel them and tear them into small pieces before putting them in.
The old lady laughed at me and said I used the opposite. The master used fresh raspberries and canned lychees. It was not easy to wet the bottom. But the quick-frozen raspberries and fresh lychees I used made the bottom wet and the raspberries turned into water after a long time. No way, who called me this hard place, there is no fresh raspberry, and how can I fool the pig in the litchi season?

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