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Japanese Egg Pack Rice

When you are alone, you should be better to yourself. Simple fried rice with eggs is a gorgeous transformation, wrapped in golden cakes, squeezed out a lovely smiling face with tomato sauce, and the beauty of life needs to be explored carefully. Beauty is not waiting but discovering.

Food Material List

  • 1 Cold rice overnight
  • 2 Egg 2 pieces
  • 3 Ham
  • 4 Green peas

Operational steps

  • 1 Cook frozen peas in boiling water and dice ham for later use

    Japanese Egg Pack
  • 2 Disperse an egg and fry it in a pan. Add ham, peas and rice and stir it evenly. Sprinkle a little salt and leave the pan.

    Japanese Egg Pack
  • 3 The other egg is scattered. Place a little oil in the pan. Pour the egg liquid into the pan. Spread the egg cake over a small fire. Turn off the fire after all the egg liquid solidifies.

    Japanese Egg Pack
  • 4 Put the fried rice in 1/2 of the egg cake, turn it over and pour a little tomato sauce on it.

    Japanese Egg Pack


1. Fried rice can also be replaced by hot rice to make sushi rice balls, which are as delicious as egg cakes < br > 2. Vegetables in fried rice can be added according to personal preferences.

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