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Japanese Fat Cattle Covered Rice

Recently, I watched “Lonely Gourmet” and liked the Japanese little warmth and Japanese eating attitude. Even if it was a set meal for one person, there would be different dishes. They all used beautiful and delicate tableware. Even small restaurants made people feel extremely warm. In the play, Wulang often asks himself, what does my stomach want to pretend now? Then choose with your heart. <時間や社会にとらわれず幸福に空腹を満たすときつかの間彼は自分勝手になり自由になる?誰にも邪魔されず気を遣わずものを食べるという孤高の行為?この行為こそが現代人に平等に与えられた最高の癒やしといえるので Tonight my stomach wants to eat fat cow and cover rice, so I have it.

Food Material List

  • 1 Fat cattle 250g
  • 2 onion 1
  • 3 Carrot 1
  • 4 Egg 2
  • 5 Instant seaweed 1 packs
  • 6 Sesame 1 scoops
  • 7 Second rice washing water 1 bowls

Operational steps

  • 1 Slice carrots and cut onions into shreds.
    Japanese Fat Cattle
  • 2 In a hot pot, add butter to melt, stir-fry onions, add a small amount of salt and rice-washing water, and boil until soft.
    Japanese Fat Cattle
  • 3 Boil onion in another pot of water before boiling, add carrots to boil soft, while boiling water and pour into the whole egg. Cook in medium heat for about five minutes without cover. Remove the rotten eggs for reserve.
    Japanese Fat Cattle
  • 4 When the onion starts to change color, add the soft boiled carrots, pour in the remaining rice-washing water, rice wine, soy sauce, and so on. When the soup starts to boil, add the fat cow slices. Fat steak I bought off-the-shelf, fat but not greasy, so there is no need to refuel.
    Japanese Fat Cattle
  • 5 Wait until the fat cattle turn color. A little sugar before extinguishing will taste better, but we must keep more soup. Mixing rice is so delicious! ____________
    Japanese Fat Cattle
  • 6 Just cooked soft and hard moderate white rice, covered with just made fat onion, add rotten eggs, then pour into the soup, sprinkle Shanghai moss and sesame seeds, eat! Poke open the eggs, the yolk is still liquid, mix the rice with the soup, ah! How happy!!
    Japanese Fat Cattle

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