Japanese tofu with pineapple and purr

Food Material List

  • 1 Japanese Tofu 2 article
  • 2 Little Tomato 5
  • 3 pineapple 200g
  • 4 Pimientos de Padrón 1

Operational steps

  • 1 Pineapple peeled and cut into small pieces; small tomatoes cleaned and half-cut; small green pepper cleaned < br /> clean, seeded, cut into pieces;
    Japanese tofu with
  • 2 Japanese tofu was cut into two sections from the middle and extruded from the seal. The tofu was cut into < br /> pieces of the same size.
    Japanese tofu with
  • 3 At this time, first go to the hot oil pan, while hot oil in the dish, pour a little more flour < br /> (I use corn starch), put in Japanese tofu;
    Japanese tofu with
  • 4 Shake the dish so that each piece of Japanese tofu is evenly covered with raw powder.
    Japanese tofu with
  • 5 When chopsticks are inserted into the oil pan, Japanese tofu with raw meal < br /> can be put into the surrounding bubbles and fried in medium heat.
    Japanese tofu with
  • 6 Touch with chopsticks and feel that Japanese tofu is hard, the skin is crisp and can be picked up,
    drained oil; if you want to be crisper, you can fry it again with fire after cooling.
    Japanese tofu with
  • 7 Pour tomato sauce into the pot, add a little salt and sugar. If tomato sauce is too thick, add a little water < br /> and boil over low heat. Pour pineapple, tomato and green pepper, stir-fry evenly.
    Japanese tofu with
  • 8 After the sauce is thick, turn off the fire, cool it a little and pour it into Japanese tofu, gently mix it evenly,
    let each piece of Japanese tofu stick to the sauce.
    Japanese tofu with


To prepare this dish,
is just three points:
1. How to take out Japanese tofu: Japanese tofu is very fragile, so be careful. The trick is to cut a knife in the middle and squeeze out Japanese tofu. Never cut it from one end. Its easy to break.
2. Time to stick flour to the pot: Fill a dish with proper amount of raw powder, put the cut Japanese tofu into it, shake the dish, and make the Japanese tofu stick flour evenly. This step must be done when the oil temperature is hot enough. Otherwise, Japanese tofu will easily stick to the dish and can not be picked up. Once taken, it will break because the bottom of the dish sticks to it. Because Ive tried this myself. First I stick Japanese tofu to powder, then I go to hot oil, and when the oil gets hot, Japanese tofu will stick to the dish. Japanese tofu, which just sticks to powder, is very dry. It can be picked up by hand one by one. But as time goes on, the moisture of Japanese tofu itself seeps out. When raw powder is wet, it will stick to the dish. So, remember: cut the Japanese tofu and heat the oil. The oil temperature is almost good. Then stick the Japanese tofu powder. The sticky powder is very fast. Its right to stick the powder to the pot immediately! __________
3. After the sauce is boiled, turn off the fire and cool it a little, then add the fried Japanese tofu, which can keep the crispness of Japanese tofu better.

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