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Korean Home Roast Beef

The first meal was at my tutors home in Korea. My mother cooked a table for me, but my favorite dish was this one. This kind of beef is a common way for Koreans to handle beef at home. I cooked several times for my family, and each time it was the fastest dish to sweep.

Food Material List

  • 1 Beef slices
  • 2 Potato powder
  • 3 Mushrooms
  • 4 onion

Operational steps

  • 1 Thaw beef slices, wash mushrooms and remove stalks, shred onions, sliced carrots, and foam sweet potato powder.
    Korean Home Roast
  • 2 Mix the bowl of juice. The bowl sauce of pickled meat includes: onion, garlic sauce, sugar, honey or pear juice, black pepper, white pepper, fragrant oil, sesame crushed, and a little oil consumption. Salted mushroom bowl sauce is relatively simple: onion and ginger, soy sauce and sugar, sesame oil can be.
    Korean Home Roast
  • 3 Pour two bowls of juice into beef and mushrooms, mix well and marinate for 20 minutes to half an hour. The meat will be tenderer if you put starch or eggs in it.
    Korean Home Roast
  • 4 Stir-fry carrots and onions. Put in the cured beef slices. Stir-fry. Add mushrooms, stir-fry for a few times, then add vermicelli, add a little water, cover and simmer for a while.
    Korean Home Roast
  • 5 Its almost boiled dry. Its out of the pot. Loading plate. Its delicious.
    Korean Home Roast


Honey and pear candy are all sweetened alternatives and can be replaced by other alternatives.

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