Hunan cuisine

Korean Spicy Fried New Year Cake

Seeing the recipes handed down by everyone, I tried to make them myself. It was quite successful.

Food Material List

  • 1 Rice cake
  • 2 Carrot
  • 3 cucumber
  • 4 Pickled cabbage
  • 5 onion
  • 6 garlic

Operational steps

  • 1 accessories
    Korean Spicy Fried
  • 2 Cook the rice cake softly and fish it out. Put it in cold water and play Q.
    Korean Spicy Fried
  • 3 Heat the pot, add garlic, stir-fry the fragrance, then add onions, then pickles, stir-fry a few times, then add cucumbers and carrots, stir-fry, prompt, the accessories cut into thin strips will be more delicious, and more beautiful.
    Korean Spicy Fried
  • 4 Pour in the rice cake, stir-fry for a few times, then pour in water. Bring it to a boil and then medium-heat. At this time, salt and chili sauce can be put in. When the water is pasted, stir-fry continuously to avoid pasting.
    Korean Spicy Fried
  • 5 Better keep some water, or itll be too dry. Thats about it.
    Korean Spicy Fried
  • 6 Finally, the dish is loaded with cucumber shredded, which is more beautiful, and the light raw cucumber is used to calm down the spicy cakes. In order to make the color better, I put three spoonfuls of hot sauce. I dare not spice any more, so I did not put chili powder. Its delicious!
    Korean Spicy Fried

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