Kung Pao Chicken

No story, no plot, do not like the Kung Bao chicken with peanuts, can only make their own purple sauce.

Food Material List

  • 1 chicken 300g
  • 2 Corn grain 10g
  • 3 peas 10g
  • 4 Carrot 50g
  • 5 green pepper 50g

Operational steps

  • 1 Corn kernels, carrots, peas. Add a little monosodium glutamate, pepper and salt. Marinate for 10 minutes
    Kung Pao Chicken
  • 2 Cut red pepper and carrot with vegetables.
    Kung Pao Chicken
  • 3 If meat is prepared a lot, cucumber dices will be refreshing.
    Kung Pao Chicken
  • 4 Hot pot, cold oil. Add marinated chicken breast and stir-fry quickly. Add carrots, red peppers, cucumber dices and other side dishes after discoloration. Add a little water. Put in some salt and pepper. Get out of the pot.
    Kung Pao Chicken

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