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Laba porridge – Drink Laba porridge and celebrate the traditional festival!

As the saying goes, “Having eaten Laba rice, we will pay homage to the New Year”! Laba Festival has arrived. Will the Lunar New Year be far behind? Did you drink Laba porridge today? Laba Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. I care about tradition very much. I have always felt that instead of shouting slogans, we should take action to continue our traditional culture. Turn over the refrigerator, turn over the cabinet, Im still making the food I have at home. Laba porridge was boiled with red beans and glutinous rice in ancient times. Later, the materials gradually increased. Up to now, people in the vast areas of Jiangnan, Northeast and Northwest China still keep the custom of eating Laba porridge, which is rare in Guangdong. The materials used are different. Glutinous rice, red beans, dates, chestnuts, peanuts, white fruits, lotus seeds and lilies are used to make sweet porridge. It is also boiled with longan, longan and preserves. Winter eating a bowl of steaming Laba porridge, both tasty and nutritious, can indeed increase the well-being and longevity.

Food Material List

  • 1 rice
  • 2 millet
  • 3 Corn crumbs
  • 4 Red adzuki beans
  • 5 Mung bean
  • 6 Lotus seed
  • 7 Lily
  • 8 peanut
  • 9 Jujube
  • 10 water

Operational steps

  • 1 Rinse and soak red beans overnight, set aside.
    Laba porridge -
  • 2 The rest of the materials are washed, and the materials other than lilies are boiled with soaked red adzuki beans in a pot, then added water and boiled over medium heat. (Scrape the bottom of the pot with a spoon from time to time to stir it so as not to scorch the bottom of the pot.)
  • 3 Fifteen minutes before boiling, add the lily and cook until the porridge is sticky and sticky. (Add ice sugar at the same time when adding lilies, depending on your personal preferences)


1. Folk proverbs have a cloud: “Porridge from a big fire, soup from a small fire!” The water for porridge boiling should be added once. After boiling, the bottom of the pot should be scraped and stirred with a spoon every few minutes, otherwise it will stick to the bottom easily. In addition, beans that are not easy to boil should be soaked one day in advance so as to shorten the boiling time.
2. Be sure to stir the bottom of the pot with a spoon from time to time in order to avoid the bottom of the pot scorching.
3. Lily is easy to boil, so add it at last.
4. Boiling materials can be changed according to preferences.

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